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 Rental Policies-Contract





The costs of rental for these rooms are as follows:


                                                          Non-Parishioners         Parishioner

  • Auditorium and Kitchen                                 $500.00                $350.00
  • Auditorium
  • (Reception, Parties)                                        250.00                 175.00
  • Auditorium
  • (Meetings)                                                      175.00                 125.00
  • Library  (Meetings)                                          150.00                  105.00
  • Conference Room 1 or Parlor                             75.00                    55.00


          Payment of the above fees shall be made at the time the Rental Agreement is signed or no later than one week prior to the event.  Any alteration of the payment procedure must be approved in writing by the Rector and Senior Warden.


          A deposit of $200.00 is required for the rental of All Rooms.  The deposit shall be paid on signing the Agreement and will be returned only if the room and facilities are left in good order.  The deposit requirement is mandatory and may not be waived.



(From Our Rector)

Dear Members of Grace,

            The theme of our stewardship drive last year was “Sustaining Grace”.   We looked at the way God sustains us by grace, the ways in which Grace Church is a vehicle for that, and ways in which we can sustain Grace Church.

            This year we have chosen “Nurturing Grace” as our theme.  To nurture something is to help it to grow, and not simply to sustain it.  Nurture involves providing the opportunities and resources needed for healthy growth to occur.  Parents nurture their children by providing housing, healthy food, education, clothing, and challenges to overcome, all in an atmosphere of love.  There is a balance.  If all they offer is protection, children will not develop strength.  If all children experience is challenge, they will end up defeated and depressed.

            Nurturing Grace begins with God’s nurture of each one of us.  God provides us with the daily bread we need each day, but also with challenges and opportunities.  God’s goal for us is not passive dependence, but active participation in the things of God’s Kingdom.  God’s desire is that we grow into the fullness of Christ.

            Grace Church has a role to play in that nurture.  This is most obvious in our nurture of our children and young people.  This is a congregation that believes in and invests in its youth.  We have a nursery, an increasingly active Sunday school, youth programs, and a monthly service in which our youth are highlighted.   The nurture is not limited to our young people.  This congregation comes together so that all of us can encourage each other to maturity in Christ, and help one another with the challenges life deals out to each one of us.

            We, in turn, have an opportunity to nurture Grace Church.  The vestry is hoping to implement a long term visioning process in the next few months, in order to determine the directions of possible growth, both in our congregation and in our outreach.  We have already come a long way.  With your generosity, in 2015 we hope to be able to pay our full diocesan assessment and still have a balanced budget.  I believe this will be the first time we have been able to do that in over ten years. 

            Since I have come to Grace, most of our energy has been focused on making the best use of the resources we have.  I think we have been good stewards of those.   It would be wonderful to come to the point where we could invest in some new ideas and initiatives.   If churches do not grow, they stagnate instead. 

            Please prayerfully consider nurturing Grace with a generous pledge this year, so that this lively, active, diverse, warm, engaged congregation can continue to grow into the mission God has for it.


(From the Stewardship Committee) 

A Stewardship Message


During the past several weeks some parishioners have attended one of the stewardship campaign’s Cottage Meeting where we reflected on how we respond to God’s grace and generosity.  Our discussions were based on Mark 10:17-31, “The Rich and the Kingdom of God.”  

This scripture focuses on how one man asked Jesus “what must he do to inherit eternal life?”  Jesus suggested that he sell everything he had, give to the poor and follow him.  Jesus’ response left the man sad, because the man did not understand that his wealth and following the commandments did not necessarily mean he would enter the Kingdom of God.  According to The Very Rev. Walter B.A. Brownridge, Dean of the Cathedral Church of St. Andrews, Hawaii, the man did not realize that his wealth was temporal and that all he owned came from God.  His focus was on his wealth and accomplishments but he was unable to recognize the need to share his gifts and show his gratitude for all that he owned.

As Christians, it is important for us to acknowledge that all we have, our life, freedom, gifts, talents, treasures, etc., comes from a gracious and generous God.  It is also important for us to recognize God’s generosity in our personal lives and at Grace Church/Iglesia La Gracia.  As good stewards, we can respond to God’s grace and generosity with gratitude and thanksgiving.  Becoming fully integrated into the life and work of Grace Church/Iglesia La Gracia by offering our time, talents and treasures is a way for us to show our gratitude and thanksgiving to a generous God.   

The Very Rev. Brownridge says our response to God’s grace and generosity can be accomplished by living our lives in the “Key of G”, which is to live each day in gratitude for all God has provided for us.  At this season of Stewardship and Thanksgiving, let us remember to be good stewards and to live our lives in the “Key of G.”

If you have not already done so, please submit your 2017 commitment sheet.  Don’t forget to identify and sign up for a new volunteer opportunity.  Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity.

Faithfully Your

The Stewardship Committee