Thoughts from the Senior Warden (May 3, 2020)

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Thoughts from the Senior Warden (May 3, 2020)


I was on the phone with Father Adolfo, when the phone flashed that another person was calling.  E. Adams.  Could only be one.  I tried to put Father Adolfo on hold and pick up, but I was too slow.  Time doesn’t wait for “Miss Elsie”.  I quickly ended my call and then dialed E. Adams back.  She said that she had attempted to call – and was only trying to personally extend her prayers as I begin my journey towards ordination.  She expressed to me that it might not be easy, but she felt that I had talents suitable to meet the challenge.  I cannot tell you what that means to me.  That a woman of a certain age (100 on April 16) would take the time to personally call to show her support is a gift that I will keep and treasure.  That she was not the only one to express this sentiment (my deepest appreciation to you all for reaching out) tells me that I am going down the right path.  We will take this journey together.


Lots going on at Grace/La Gracia


We had our first official virtual Vestry meeting on Zoom (to this point we’ve only been on conference calls) and each Vestry member has committed to working with the respective Grace Church guilds, committees and groups in creating their own virtual meetings.  I commend them for boldly taking on this initiative.  You will be hearing from them soon. 

The food distribution “alliance” has added a new team member, who will help us source supplies and funding – and get the word out.  We thank you, Linda Gallo, for stepping up. 

The Diocese has shared details on more grants that we will try to tap into.  We heard encouraging news from Sterling National Bank about our Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program loan application.  I am not one to put the cart before the horse, so I will refrain from any celebration until the money “hits the account”.  I remain hopeful.

The Sunday School teachers are working with the students (with a Zoom call today) and the Diocese on the creation of student-led service projects. I am certain that we will be well represented.

Peter Roberts continues to turn out insightful comments on music that he selects for our Sunday worship.  These are available to parishioners through email and on Facebook.

We lost a dear friend with the passing of another of our 100-somethings. 

Rise in glory, Cecil Henry.


We heard the news from the Bishop that it will be some time before we can gather together in church – and even longer before things get anywhere close to where they were before March.  I ask you all to extend your prayers to Father Chip and Father Adolfo as they navigate through this period of uncertainty.  I am proud of how we’ve all responded.  It’s a process.  This pandemic has forced us to expand our footprint, renew relations with our public leaders, work with other civic organizations, broaden our technological capabilities and deepen our faith in God.  The unforeseen consequence of this crisis is that Grace/La Gracia may actually emerge stronger.

In Hope and Expectation


Michael Heffner     

Grace Church/La Gracia  

Senior Warden