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Message from our Rector



Grace Church - Rector’s Notes - Summer 2019


Grace Church members,

I have been your rector for 6 wonderful months and feel very fortunate to be here. I love the worship here and your passion for music, in-reach, outreach, education and so much more. It is my prayer that we will continue to build together upon Grace’s amazing history and tradition. Furthermore, I wanted to share with you what I now see occurring at your parish.

Within the past month, I sat down with the Search Committee, headed by Carlos Munoz and Linda Gallo, and reconfirmed their process and priorities in their search for a new rector that culminated in my coming to Grace. The committee confirmed that this process began in August of 2017 and ended with my beginning this past January 2019.

The Search Committee confirmed the priorities looked for in their search for your next rector. The characteristics desired included the following. First, they wanted a solid preacher, one that would connect ancient scripture to our contemporary lives. Second, they desired a rector that would focus on pastoral care, loving and being present for our parish members. Third, they wanted a rector capable of administration, one who would help organize and lead the parish in its daily activities.

Fourth, they desired a rector that would help build our community, further cementing Grace and La Gracia, and connect our parish to the greater White Plains community. And Fifth, they wanted a rector who would help grow our parish.  

It is my plan to focus on these items, realizing there are many necessary activities not included in this list such as stewardship, education and many other important church ministries. And we will focus on these as well. I share these priorities for two reasons. First, to confirm that your voices have been heard and valued. And second, that your choices have become my priorities as your rector. My activities and leadership will strive prayerfully to fulfill and support these endeavors.  

Our success will heavily depend on the community bond we create as we follow Jesus Christ, the Son of God, manifest through the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In order to give you a better picture of some of the things now going on at Grace, I’ve decided to share a list of some of our current activities. Please review the list below and feel free to discuss any of these with me at your convenience. You can email me or call me to set up a personal ‘coffee time’. Please know that I love Grace La Gracia and look forward to our working and worshiping together well into the future.  


Current Projects at Grace La Gracia 

  • Working with our wardens and vestry on the daily operations and finances at Grace Church
  • Working with and supporting Fr. Adolfo and our La Gracia congregation
  • Developing a new Confirmation Education class for this fall
  • Finalizing our new women’s bible study (BSF) to begin in September
  • Working with Michael H., Cynthia B. and others to enhance our social media
  • Developing a Newcomer System and meeting with 12 newcomers at Grace
  • Working with vestry members/others to decrease our financial deficit
  • Supporting Michael H./our diocese to enhance our endowment with a Legacy fund
  • Developing new relations with our diocese for additional support
  • Meeting with other local Episcopal Churches
  • Working with Linda Gallo, Barbara Biles and others on my institution service July 20th
  • Continuing to learn and improve my Spanish language skills
  • Working with Sandy McAllister to enhance our Pastoral Care
  • Working with Brinda Bradley to enhance our Altar Guild
  • Supporting Clyde Hicks and his Archives Committee
  • Working with Donna Louis and others to enhance our Youth Education
  • Working with Lauren Reid to enhance and support our acolytes/worship services
  • Working with Maria Campos to develop a new administration manual
  • Working with Cynthia Brown and others to enhance our stewardship program
  • Supporting Walter Simon in Building and Grounds (grant applications, other)
  • Working with Sylvia Simon and others to support our future Coffee Hour
  • Developing a process for Long Term Planning for Grace Church
  • And trying to support my two daughters and our two dogs (impossible)


As my note comes to an end, I wanted to share a few areas in which I need your help.


  1. Pray for our beloved Grace Church, that it prosper, growing in faith and love for one another in Christ Jesus.
  2. If you have 90 minutes one day per month, please consider helping our Altar Guild and contact Brinda Bradley at or contact our office.
  3. If you have 75 minutes during one Sunday per month, please consider helping our youth and contact Donna Louis at or contact our office.
  4. If you are not currently supporting Grace Church with a financial pledge, then please pray about. If interested, please fill out a pledge sheet in the back of the church, place it in an envelope and drop it in our Sunday offering plate; or contact our office.


Thank You for the opportunity to serve you at Grace Episcopal Church.

God Bless,

Fr. Chip