Thoughts from the Senior Warden (July 20, 2020)

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Thoughts from the Senior Warden 

As we approach the date for our first service back in church – and I reflect on what I am personally involved with - I am astounded at all that has been accomplished these past 4 months. Yes, we have lost friends and family to the virus. Yes, we will still be limited in what can be shared in church (even if we are physically present). Yes, it appears that the light at the end of the tunnel signaling a return to normalcy (which seemed to burn bright in May) now seems to be fading. There are reasons to feel despondent. But! Consider how we’ve responded to the needs of others through our food alliance weekly distributions. Recognize the enormous work that Father Chip and Father Adolfo have put into keeping us current with updates from the Bishop – and preparing our church for the return of gathered worship. Acknowledge the efforts of our sexton and the entire building and grounds committee in making sure that our physical building will be safe for us when we return on August 2nd. Take a bow – Vestry, committees, guilds, clubs, groups – for braving the new world of technology and continuing your meetings virtually through the pandemic. Appreciate the music ministry that Peter has created (and hopefully continues) with his weekly video and written commentary. Marvel at the way our virtual services have evolved. Take pride in the way that we have responded in raising awareness about the issues of racial injustice, police violence and social inequality. I am really just scratching the surface – but I’m trying to make the point that Grace Episcopal Church/La Gracia has found a way to thrive in so many unexpected ways. Celebrate our tenacity. There is much that we have to be thankful for.

Rejoice in what the future holds.


Michael Heffner
Grace Episcopal Church/La Gracia
Senior Warden