How to Pledge to Grace La Gracia 2021 Flexible Options

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How to Pledge to Grace/La Gracia 2020
The church will remain flexible in ways to receive your generosity during this difficult period. Blessings.
Option 1: The standard way of staying current with your pledge still works. 
Feel free to put your pledge envelope in the mail (check only) and send it to the Grace Church office (to the attention of the Office Administrator). Bundling for a few weeks is fine.
Grace Episcopal Church/La Gracia
33 Church Street - 2nd Floor
White Plains, New York 
Option 2: Please note that we will be constructing a secure drop box on the red front door of the church. The box will be checked regularly for pledge envelopes (which will be recorded) and gifts of cash.
Option 3: The electronic way to pledge or donate to the church is honestly not very complicated and completely secure. is the link to the Grace/La Gracia website. You’ll see a tab across the top for pledging. Click to bring you to the Pledging/Giving page. The “donate” button will take you to the location for electronic giving. The church uses PayPal, the 2019 Fortune 500 payment company (#204 in last year’s survey). This service can be used for one time or scheduled payments. One is able to use credit cards or send funds from a PayPal account ( ). Michael Heffner is available to help explain or set up your account –  . Please note that a fee is charged to the church for these transactions (which is why a check in the drop box or sent by mail is always preferred).