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Sunday January 13th

Meet The Rev. Dr. Chip Graves during the 8AM,10AM & 12:30 PM services

Finance Committee Meeting after 10 AM service in the library,

Candidate Interviews after 10 AM service in the 2nd floor conference room.


Tuesday January 15th

12:05 PM Eucharist in the Chapel

7:00 PM The Book Club – Library


Wednesday January 16th

12:10 PM Downtown Music at Grace


Thursday January 17th

12:05 PM Eucharist in the Chapel

7:30 PM Santa Eucaristía in the Church

Ministers of the Liturgy

 Celebrant & Preacher   The Rev. Adolfo Moronta

Organist Peter Roberts


8 AM Barbara Wiggins, Irene Alves

10 AM Marie Barrow, Biff Henderson     Intercessor Carolyn Rogers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Eucharistic Minsters  

8 AM Brinda Bradley   

10 AM Ray Williams, Jean Chambers, Melanie Jackson

Acolytes   Lauren Reid, Aadi Kumar, Anna Kristina O’ Hanlon, Priya Kumar, Rohan Kumar,  Vika O’ Hanlon, Mirna Sanchez

Ushers 10 AM   Lisa Daley, Hillary Fleming, Ginger Waters, Paxton Louis, Olivet Williams

Eucharistic Visitors: Judith Hutton, Cecilia Peagler


Coffee Hour     Ushers Team 1           Assistant:   Jane Washington

Nursery Care is available during the 10:00 AM service.