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This Week At Grace

Saturday, May 25th

9:00AM to 2:00PM  First Communion Retreat - Church, Parish Hall, Library

 3:00 PM   La Gracia Wedding Ceremony

Sunday, May 26th

8:00 AM The Holy Eucharist

10:00 AM The Holy Eucharist Healing Service

12:30 PM  La Gracia First Communions

 Monday, May 27th

8:30 AM – 11:30 AM Memorial Day Meal at Grace’s Kitchen

Parish Office Closed

 Tuesday. May 28th

12:05 PM Eucharist in Chapel

7:30 PM Vestry Meeting - Library

 Wednesday, May 29th

12:10 PM Downtown Music at Grace

 Thursday, May 30th

12:05 PM Eucharist in Chapel






Celebrant and Preacher: Rev. Dr. Chip Graves

Organist: Peter Roberts

Lectors 8:00 AM Mary Baker, Linda Heusser

            10:00 AM Marie Barrow, Audrey Taylor

             Intercessor Andrea Hamilton

Acolyte 8:00 AM Sandy Gadsden McAllister

Altar Ministers Malik Bradford, Jean Chambers

Acolytes 10 AM Aaron Bradford, Anna Kristina O’Hanlon, Eric Woodberry, Aaron Woodberry,

Vika O’Hanlon, Eve Bradford

Sacristy Parent Tiffany Woodberry

Ushers10:00 AM Jo-Ann B. Boylan, Gloria Chang, Giovanni Green, Michael Heffner, Andrea Spencer

Vestry Greeter Michael Heffner  

No Coffee Hour Memorial Day Weekend -

Nursery Care is available during the 10 AM service.