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Thursday, October 10

12:05 PM Eucharist in Chapel


Sunday, September October 13

8:00 AM The Holy Eucharist – Rite I Liturgy

9:15 AM Choir Rehearsal – Music Room

10:00 AM The Holy Eucharist – Rite II Liturgy

11:30 AM “Long Term Care” - Library

Sunday School Classes Meet

12:30 PM Santa Eucaristía Misa


Monday, October 14

Columbus Day              

8:30 AM – 12:30 PM Columbus Day Holiday Lunch at Grace’s Kitchen

Parish Office Closed


Tuesday, October 15

12:05 PM Eucharist in Chapel

7:30 PM La Gracia Leaders Meeting- Library


Wednesday, October 17

12:10 PM DTM at Grace

3PM to 6PM Ada’s Outreach – Parish Hall

7:15 PM BSF Study Fellowship – Library


Thursday, October 17

12:05 PM Eucharist in Chapel

7:30 PM La Gracia Bible Study- Church


Saturday, October 19

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM Lewis Tribute

Church & Library (Site Rental)


Ministers of the Liturgy

Celebrant & Preacher: Rev. Adolfo Moronta

Organist:   Peter Roberts

Grace Church Choir

Eucharistic Visitors: Judith Hutton, Marie Barrow

Lector 8 AM: Sharon Revan-Salmon

10 AM: Delores Brathwaite, Jean-Marie Bradford,

Intercessor: Malik Bradford

Altar Minister 8 AM: Brinda Bradley

Acolytes 10 AM Andrea Spencer, Sandy McAllister, Jean Chambers, Anna Kristina O’ Hanlon,

Vika O’ Hanlon, Harrison Richards,

Ivana Richards

Ushers:10 AM: Lisa Daley, Hillary Fleming,

Ginger Waters, Paxton Louis, Olivet Williams

Vestry Greeter: Hillary Fleming

Coffee Hour Host: Erika & Barbara Santos

Assistants: Team 2

Nursery Care: available during 10 AM Service